UK Specialist Care Bond Investment Opportunity

Specialist Care Bond Investment


The specialist care industry in the UK provides support for adults and children with physical, learning and mental disabilities and is currently worth over £10 billion.Demand for specialist care services is high, however since the 2008 financial crisis and the resulting austerity measures imposed by the government, the supply of good quality care has declined and is struggling to meet the needs of the sector.Outsourcing of specialist support services has become much more prevalent as local authorities, responding to the austerity agenda, have closed much of their own provision and focused on achieving best value through commissioning services from the wider marketplace. With this leading specialist care provider currently supplying just under half of the UK’s 180 local authorities and having a core relationship with 47 of these, they are extremely well positioned to try and meet the sector’s needs. Specialist Care Bond Investment: They are looking to increase their presence in the UK over the next few years and to significantly grow their business both organically and by acquisition. To help achieve their goals, they are issuing bonds to raise capital and expand on their success from the past 20 years.


The group was founded in 1995 when it established its first specialist care home in Woking, Surrey. Since then, it has built a reputation as one of the leading specialist care providers in the UK, delivering and providing high quality care by enhancing individuality, ensuring dignity, choice and respect and providing privacy in their 83 homes, concentrated towards South-East England. Their services range from minimal support for very independent residents through to intensive support and care for those with more challenging needs. All services are provided under CQC registration.

Currently, demand exceeds supply in the UK specialist care sector. They are well positioned for growth, not only due to their existing relationships with local authorities and reputation as a provider of excellent services, but also their highly experienced management team and extremely valuable property portfolio.


The specialist care provider is looking to raise capital to expand their services in the near and mid-term and to further extend their leading position in the specialist care sector. Investors can access this compelling opportunity
via a £20,000,000 bond issuance, paying 8.50% per annum.

The proceeds of the specialist care bond investment will be used as follow:

– Acquire businesses that will compliment and add value and scale to their existing assets

– Develop some of the land and physical assets already owned

– Deliver a pioneering IT system that offers functions for quality assurance, safeguarding accountability, paperless recording, governance and management reporting. In addition, it gives local authorities and the regulator visibility into the work delivered by the specialist provider, and allows them to measure and bill accurately and efficiently for the care provided

– The bonds will pay investors 8.50% per annum for a five-year term. The repayment of principle at maturity
and annual interest payments will be made before the deduction of tax.

If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, please make contact with the form below.

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