Commercial Agriculture Investment

Agriculture Investment

12% fixed income investment opportunity in commercial hydroponic farming in the Middle East via an investment vehicle for private retail investors to fund their aggressive expansion plans.

The agriculture group is one of the largest owners and Operators of Commercial Hydroponic farms in the Middle East with 60 hectares of Hydroponic farms and offices UAE; Oman;  United Kingdom;  Hong Kong and Singapore.

They have pioneered the World’s first Audited and Sharia compliant Hydroponic investment and are a member of the United Nations Global compact and the founding member of the Chartered Institute of Hydroponic Farming.

Key features:

  • 12% Assured ROI (Fixed assured returns of 12% per annum, paid quarterly)
  • 3 Year Audited Track Record
  • Own A Physical Asset (Asset is registered in clients name, Issued Title Deed Certificate)
  • Recession Proof (Hydroponics are a safe and secure investment)
  • Asset backed and correlated to the food production sector with massive worldwide demand.
  • Guaranteed off-take agreement for sale of harvests.
  • 3 clearly defined exit strategy options.
  • Investment managed via solicitor escrow account.
  • Minimum investment of $50,000.

If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, please make contact with the form below.

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