Broadband Technology Investment Opportunity

Broadband Technology Investment Opportunity

Redefining the future with a broadband technology investment, second to none. This patented DSL product uses the existing copper wire infrastructure to deliver superfast broadband at up to 400MB/s to homes even in the most remote rural locations. 

The technology is an easy to install “plug and play” solution which can be implemented by telcos at a fraction of the cost (ranging from only 1%-10%) of installing fibre.

The company successfully demonstrated the DSL Rings product in a lab trial at Cincinnati Bell, carried out for the Residential Access Carrier Consortium which includes a number of the world’s largest telcos, many of whom are in need of an economic solution to a challenge created by legislation change by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US, which increased the threshold broadband speed to 25Mb/s from 4Mb/s, leaving 17% of the US population without broadband.

The company also developed a product line which delivers up to 10x faster bandwidth for macrocell backhaul for mobile operators, or access broadband for commercial use.

July 2017 Update

The company is a member of the Broadband Forum, the leading global industry body for broadband standards shaping the global telecom ecosystem.

Joining the Forum is a significant milestone, enabling the company to contribute to defining future standards and practices for global network engineering and infrastructure.

The company will leverage membership to promote its innovative broadband technology solutions which deliver broadband speed connectivity at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions, through legacy copper infrastructure.

The company announced formal approval as a broadband technology equipment supplier for Tier 1 carrier CenturyLink, a US telco with 17m subscribers.

CenturyLink has selected the technology as a primary solution for its Broadband Access Portfolio, and is conducting an Operational Readiness Trial this month.

Approval is a critical step in the commercial process with each major carrier, and the potential scale within CenturyLink’s customer base is significant, given their semi-rural and rural focus.

October 2017 Update

Achieved a major technology milestone, becoming one of only nine global manufacturers to successfully pass British Telecom’s (BT) full MCT compliance, achieving SIN 498 approval. The company has announced that its technology for increased backhaul performance has passed BT’s full Modem Conformance Testing (MCT), and achieved SIN 498, which is recognised globally as a ‘Gold Standard’ in the industry. BT SIN 498 is the specification defining BT’s VDSL2 service requirements, which ensures that products meet specific standards of support and compatibility, including all aspects of a device’s operation without any vendor interaction.

After undergoing extensive testing, which commenced with BT’s initial Gatekeeper Tests, the company has become one of only nine global manufacturers to date to have achieved MCT compliance, which confirms that the’ enterprise broadband solution, meets the requirements demanded by BT’s technology compliance standards.

Achieving approval is a significant milestone for the company and means the company can now commercially sell to all independent network customers using BT’s VDSL2 infrastructure throughout the UK, paving the way for a number of UK orders, deployment by carriers and service providers using BT’s network, and there is already a strong contract pipeline.

Additionally, achieving SIN 498 compliance demonstrates both domestically and internationally to other carriers that the technohigh-qualitygh quality product, given BT is recognised as a world-renowned standards body. The MCT compliance also covers supplementary features of BT’s VDSL network, including support for G.INP, SRA, vectoring and extensive diagnostic reporting, all intended to make connectivity more reliable and consistent.

With certification achieved, and as one of nine trusted equipment providers for BT, all future BT software updates across their network infrastructure will first be tested against the technology to ensure there are no conflicts, before any BT release. Certification does also verify the backhaul features of technologies’ residential solution, instilling confidence in the technology in the UK and around the world.

With the success of the lab trials in the US, and now the certification by BT, the company has made significant progress in establishing itself within the global telecoms industry as a true broadband solution. The enterprise solution opportunity for use by BT and the independent customers that use their network, is in addition to the DSL opportunity with BT, which is projected to cover at least 600,000 UK homes currently without broadband access, worth over £500m to the company.

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